vitam?ns: for ms

Since being diagnosed with MS in late 05 I had changed just about everything about my life: overall diet, reduced stress, food allergy avoidance, practicing yoga, to name a few categories.

I had not, until recently, consulted with a nutritionist about vitamins although I have been studying up on them.

My concerns are about:
• which vitamins?
• what dosage?
• are they allergen free?
• why some vitamins make me dizzy?

Also, the nutritionist asked me what my major complaints are:

Numbness and tingling in hands and legs
Stopping any progession

Omega 3.6.9 was discussed. I’ve been taking 1000 mg per day. There has been no side effects. The kind I take is made from sardine and anchovies. Neither of which sources I am allergic too.

Debbie, the Nutritionist, recommended increasing my intake to 3000 mg per day. These polyunsaturated fatty acids benefit the heart and the nervous system among other benefits.
• 3000 mgs per day

Careful that your vitamins do not contain something you’re allergic to. Soy and tuna are high on my allergy list and lots of vitamins contain soy. In fact it’s hard to find any without soy.

Vitamin D was discussed next. People with MS usually have a deficiency in D. Debbie found a D that is soy free and recommended: (Twin Lab Allergy D Caps)
• 400 IUs daily to start and eventually up to 2000 IUs

B-12 was discussed next. This was a little harder to track down without soy or dairy. recommended:
• 1000 mgs daily (sublingual for better absorbtion)

I’ve started the above suppliments/vitamins but in lower does than recommend. I’m 2 weeks into it and intend to build up toward the suggested dosages.

Dizziness is occurring from the D vitamin I suspect. Not sure why though. If anyone out there has info on this please write back. But I’ll stick with it and try and build up the amount.

Other suppliments recommended are: digestive enzymes and probiotics. I’ll try these once I have a  stable course of vitamins.

Overall, Debbie the nutritionist was great.  Lots of good info and a friendly new ally.

I’d love to hear what other suppliments/vitamins people with MS are having success with.


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