before MS/after MS – a typical day

before: I drank coffee all day long everyday. 4 to 6 beers on the weekend. maybe a bottle of wine. held my breath and didn’t breathe properly all day at work. lots and lots of cured meat. donuts and cake all the time. mean-spirited sarcasm. played soccer all weekend without properly warming up before games. i was self-employed and ran an advertising agency. struggled to employ 10 people with healthcare. saturated with negative thinking. artistically drawn toward gritty urban decay as subject matter. I created mixed media paintings using oil paint, collage, turpentine and other toxic mediums. smoked  cigars. argued alot. refinished the floors in my house using polyurethane. trip to the butcher and the bakery to stock up. 6 big chocolate cookies and milk before bed. late night TV. back out to the painting studio to see if the glue or paint dried…

after: I work for someone else. eat lots of steamed vegetables and rice. practice and teach yoga. am mindful of my speech and actions as not to harm anyone. draw the human figure while integrating yogic breath techniques. watch kids movies with my son. meditate. fall asleep at about 9. try to always be positive. sleep and read on the train. look for people that I can help. drink herbal tea.


About MY MS and Yoga Life

yoga instructor, artist. diagnosed with MS in 2005
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