I was accused of being “positive”.

You never know when the benefits of yoga will surface.
One of my goals has been to lessen the amount of my negativity. It appears as though I’ve made some progress. It hasn’t been easy. I needed to purge the mean-spirited sarcasm from my system, as well as other unhealthy behaviors. I used to spend lots of time crafting stories about tragic events that “could only happen to me”. Telling lies in the form of gross exaggeration was another of my past traits– a gift from my father. And my habit of making fun of people for my own amusement– yes, even the handicapped. There was much more.

So after years of self-study in yoga and buddhism, a glimmer of success arrived in my cubicle. A co-worker, in front of other co-workers, pointed out that she likes working with me because I’m “always positive”.

That felt good. So good it’s a blog entry.


About MY MS and Yoga Life

yoga instructor, artist. diagnosed with MS in 2005
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