the opposite of mindfulness

Dashing out of my car at 7:30 on a Tuesday morning. Late for an all day meeting. Shallow breathing. Not exactly sure where the building is that I have to be for the meeting. I quickly grab my phone and I pull my dry cleaning from the back seat. Lock the doors. Use my debit card to feed the meter. Take the ticket. Open the car again. Put the ticket on my dashboard. Check my cell phone clock for an update. I sling the dry cleaning over my shoulder and start a fast walk to my office. Stop there first. I’m even more late now. I turn around and lock the car using the remote button on the key. Head turning side to side checking for speeding cars I cross the street.

Up to my office. I put on the clean shirt before the meeting. Back down the steps and outside again. I hope they don’t notice me coming in late. Continuing the fast walk again to the nearby building. My steps accelerating. I hope the entrance is easy to find. I’m there. I enter and find a seat. I’m part of the meeting.

4:30 now and it’s over. I leisurely walk back to my office. Breathing again, I play back the day. But where’s my black duffle bag with my wallet and check book. I might have left it in my office. It’s not there. Or maybe in my car. It’s not there. Maybe I left it on the sidewalk by my car when I fed the meter. It’s nowhere. I call the local police department lost-and- found. It hasn’t been turned in yet. I begin making plans in my head to get a new driver’s license and cancel my checks.

7:00 at night I’m home and pull into the driveway. Up the stairs. I open the door and there’s my black bag on the couch.


About MY MS and Yoga Life

yoga instructor, artist. diagnosed with MS in 2005
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One Response to the opposite of mindfulness

  1. Aimee says:

    All that worry and it turned out okay. I’m glad.

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